While there are many issues that impact missourians, my focus is on:


Access to quality Pre-K through 12 is a fundamental right for every child in Missouri and the most important investment we can make in our state’s future. Quality education leads to positive economic development in our neighborhoods. We need to ensure that we are providing all students the opportunity to pursue fruitful careers and higher education—so far the legislature has failed urban and rural students. Like millions of students, I have experienced first-hand the impact of our college education funding crisis. 

We can, and should, do more for young Missourians. I will fight to improve our public school funding model; to recruit new and retain existing quality teachers; increase funding for conflict resolution counselors in our schools; ensure all students have access to equitable education; and provide funding for statewide Pre-K education.

Workers first

Income inequality has increased since 1980 because of policies benefiting the wealthy at the expense of hourly employees and union members. I support an increase in the minimum wage, and I will fight for benefits, such as resources to manage post-traumatic stress for first responders. I will work to protect and raise prevailing wages in state contracts. Missourians voted down previous right to work legislation, and I will ensure the voters’ voice is protected.

The 25th District is blessed with many small, family-owned businesses. I will work to ensure businesses like these can thrive, not only in our district but across Missouri.

Health care

Health care is an essential human right, but far too many Missourians lack access to essential health services. As your state representative, I will fight to ensure that all children, adults, and senior citizens can visit quality physicians and obtain life-saving prescriptions without breaking the bank. Through supporting programs like neighborhood health centers, we can ensure access quality health care in their backyards, rather than driving across state lines. I will support initiatives to expand Medicaid, and block interference with the Affordable Care Act or any individual’s right to make decisions about their own care.

Beyond basic access to care, we must do more to create a healthier Missouri. In my law practice, I have seen the impact of the opioid crisis first-hand. In the state house, I will vigorously fight to implement a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program ("PDMP"), so that Missouri can join the other 49 states that have instituted a PDMP. The attempts to block this vital program are continuously made in the interest of Big Pharma donors at the expense of Missourians' lives. We must do better.

Fair Housing

The home is the foundation of our lives. We haven’t done enough, as a state, to ensure that quality, stable housing is available to all. While a law student, I drafted a bill to enable community land trusts (CLTs) to flourish in the Show-Me State. As a state representative, I will hit the floor running with this legislation, and support other measures that enable access to housing.

As your state representative, I want to advocate for YOU. Is there an issue you’d like to discuss? Let me know.