Kansas City

My Vision for Progress: Gun Safety

It was a horrific weekend across the country and in our backyard.  In two mass shootings in less than 24 hours, twenty-nine civilians were massacred.  During First Fridays, a revered KC event, an innocent bystander was murdered by a stray bullet.  And as of August 4, Kansas City has suffered 121 homicides in 2019.  

As a gun owner, I recognize and respect the need for safety and regulation.  And as a lawyer, I have studied Second Amendment precedent. Justice Scalia - a celebrated conservative jurist - once opined that the Second Amendment did not “protect the right of citizens to carry arms for any sort of confrontation, just as . . . the First Amendment to [does not] protect the right of citizens to speak for any purpose.”  Conservatives’ push for complete de-regulation of guns and weapons on Second Amendment grounds is, therefore, simply a fallacy. I witnessed how the General Assembly expanded gun rights to include concealed carry for universities, bars, and even preschools. Meanwhile, the Republicans blocked basic background checks. These legislators are beholden not to the will of the people, but to the NRA’s money.  

As your State Representative, I will fight against the NRA’s influence and support common-sense and widely-popular gun reform.  So, I’ll advocate for background checks for all gun transactions, as well as implementing gun safety training for all concealed carry permits.  I will also support heightened sanctions for failing to report gun thefts. But, all of this is an uphill battle with the current composition of the House of Representatives.  So, I am going to work tirelessly to flip seats. It’s time for action and policy, rather than thoughts and prayers.

My Vision For Progress: Affordable Housing

In recent years, Kansas City has experienced a boom in economic development.  But, with prosperity comes unique challenges, including maintaining quality, affordable housing.  We, as a community, need to ensure that everyone who wishes to live here and share in the prosperity can access quality, affordable housing. 

According to the City of Kansas City’s CHAS Data Analysis, 34.4% of those making between $40,001 and $64,000 are cost-burdened or extremely cost-burdened when it comes to housing.  In other words, these residents spend at least 30% (and sometimes more than half) of their income on housing costs. Indeed, utility burden is also impacting families. The Spring 2018 KCMO Housing Survey showed that the average Kansas Citian’s utilities constitute 23% of their housing costs, which is the 7th worst in the nation in terms of utility cost burden.  We need to provide more resources - both at the municipal and state level - to alleviate these issues. 

While in law school, I worked with Legal Aid of Western Missouri to help with an affordable housing program on the City’s eastside.  Additionally, I worked double time to not only earn a law degree, but also earn an MBA with an emphasis in real estate. So, I understand the distinct and complex facets of housing to effectuate positive change.  

These experiences inspired me to draft a bill enabling the establishment of Community Land Trusts (“CLTs”), which is a mechanism that locks in affordability subsidies in housing stock for generations.  Modeling the bill on other successful CLT programs across the United States, I am committed to working with the General Assembly’s leadership to create more cost-effective housing solutions. Likewise, I support measures that ensure tax incentives are used to help the community, not corporations.  I am ready to hit the ground running in Jeff City to ensure that economic development benefits all, rather than just wealthy out-of-state corporations.