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Rogers for Progress - Press Release


Drew Rogers enters race for Missouri’s 25th District Representative.

Rogers promises to be a new voice for progress in-district and across Missouri.


Kansas City, Mo: Drew Rogers proudly announces his candidacy for Representative in Missouri’s 25th District.

Drew plans to bring Midwestern values of sensibility, empathy, and integrity to Jefferson City saying, “Millennials are often labeled entitled, and as I look at my peers, I see that what we have experienced isn’t all participation trophies and easy paths to success. We’re faced with increasing health care and housing costs, seemingly insurmountable student loan debt, the devastating impacts of climate change. But my generation also grew up being taught to look for and be the helpers. As I see my peers, my neighbors, struggling for the American Dream, I feel called to help my fellow Missourians. I know it is my turn to roll up my sleeves and get to work to shape a better future for Missouri. I am starting in my neighborhood, Missouri’s 25th District.”

With deep roots in the Midwest, Rogers understands the value of community, collaboration, and hard work. He continuously works to provide a path to growth and improvement for all. The University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Law graduate served as Student Body President to advocate for diverse student populations and drive university-wide advancement. Following his tenure at UMKC, Drew joined Williams Dirks Dameron to directly impact the effects of the opioid crisis on Missourians. Rogers cites this background as an asset to his campaign, "I believe my legal training will allow me to hit the ground running in the capitol, a city captured by special interest groups."  

The campaign was announced via social media on June 11, 2019. Rogers has shown strong early stage fundraising results and has had several productive meetings with local leadership. Rogers for Progress will officially kick off the campaign at Bier Station on Saturday, June 29th at 6 pm.

Drew Rogers is a progressive Democrat supported by Rogers for Progress, Jordan Glasgow – Treasurer. More information can be found at, on Twitter as @DrewWRogers, and on Facebook as RogersForProgress.